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Some adventurers boast of the more gung-ho aspects of their journeys or seek to take overly glamorised pictures for their Instagram profile.  But there are a few who honestly chart the underside; the fear, the doubts, and the confusion.  On the surface, not much happened on this trip, despite a torrent of potential risks.  Under the surface however, while attempting to make sense of the reality of Africa alone, Christian fights many battles in his mind, struggling to stay sane in the process.


Through discomfort, hostile lands, extreme poverty and disorder, depression knocks on the door of this determined introvert as he charges his motorbike across some of the most dangerous roads in the world.  The author and his beloved motorbike Glory ride hard in a glorious rebellion of modern life, without a happy ending, but a greater understanding of the complex world we inhabit.  


No matter how brave we may be, there is a fear – an unseen wall – in us all.  The author runs head long at his, and this story chronicles his amazing journey.  


'It’s very well written, but some of the content may scare you, because it’s real.  If you want another enthusiastic tale to bolster you into action, this isn’t it, even though some of his descriptive prose is wonderful. However, if you’d like to understand a little more about mental health and how depression can nibble away, or can completely embrace you while you’re on the road in an alien environment, this could be really educational and that’s why I recommend you take the challenge.'

-OVERLAND Magazine -


'He’s wonderfully honest, sometimes shocking, is insightful, questioning and humble. It’s this mix that had me page turning so fast I had to re-read it. I think that anyone with an analytical mind, who is curious about Africa travel and the mind games it can play, will find this man’s book fascinating.'  

- Sam Manicom - Renowned Adventure Motorcycle Travel Author -

'In the end, it’s a rollicking long-distance motorcycle ride, but just like the best of the genre, this book is even more a sober contemplation of human nature, human motivation, and how wildly disparate parts of the world work or don’t.' -


From Amazon in both Ebook & paperback versions:

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Following a difficult trip through parts of Africa, as chronicled in his first book, The Unseen Walls, Christian continues his geophilosophical journey throughout parts of Asia with his beloved motorbike Glory. 


While furiously racing himself across the continent, he tries to maintain his mental health as he travels far outside of his comfort zone and deep into the reaches of his mind. Here, he roams without borders or laws, across the full construct of thought, to begin seeing the world in a very different way. 


More than just a travelogue of fascinating reflections and encounters while riding through beautiful landscapes, East to Zero is a forthright and meaningful journey into the meaninglessness of life. Few are willing to reveal their radical and personal thoughts, as Christian does, with such honesty.


'Occasionally books come along that demand your concentration and demand discussion. This is one. And yet, although full of philosophy and reflection, it is a page-turner in the classic adventure travelogue genre.  It certainly stands out from the crowd, will inspire many and will definitely generate discussion. Few books since ‘Zen and the Art of…’ have been as forthright at tackling the ‘big’ questions and ‘East to Zero’ is certainly more accessible.

The cover is as unconventional as the content, but I hope you’re brave enough for the challenge. The rewards are plentiful.'

-OVERLAND Magazine -

'East To Zero is skilfully crafted, drawing the reader in to question not only how we see the world but what is the meaning of it all.  It’s not a travelogue that concentrates on the glory of travel but an exploration of oneself and how we fit into the greater scheme.  It could easily be the motorcycle travel book of the year'.  


-TRAVERSE Magazine issue 25 -

'This story picked me up from my chair and gave me a darned good shaking. There are very few readers who will not be challenged by the well laid out logic within these pages. Brix does this with a deft skill that takes controversy and turns it into curiosity. With fine balance to those moments, he creates descriptions that are so strong that you could be riding beside him as he heads up into the freezing cold of Tibet, or through the noise, heat and dust of India.'


ADV Moto Magazine -



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