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Born in the USA, but raised in the UK, Christian Brix has been 'on the road' most of his life.


​The son of a Pan Am flight attendant, Christian was exposed to the world from a very young age and grew up as an outernationalist, which he remains. Learning from different cultures and places led him to a degree in Philosophy and Politics, specialising in radical politics, political conflict, political philosophy and in particular the work of Karl Marx and Frederick Nietzsche.


Christian’s writing has been described as geophilosophical, as he chronicles how new landscapes can open up new ways of thinking. Often traveling solo, his experiences and writing are influenced by his introverted, observational nature.


​In 2016 – 17, Christian completed a 30-thousand-mile journey across Africa & Asia by motorbike.  He wrote about it in two books, the first of which, The Unseen Walls, covered his time in Africa, and chronicled how this trip of a lifetime did not go to plan.  Not as much from what he discovered in Africa, but due to the things he had hoped to leave at home, namely his mental health.  This book is about traveling overland across Africa solo, confronting fear and learning from it.


The second book East to Zero covers his time in Asia, where he takes these lessons on fear forward to realise that human reasoning is corrupt and unable to solve the world’s problems.  Partly inspired by Pol Pot’s radical political philosophy, Christian puts forth the idea of zeroing to reset human reasoning and returning to the natural world to escape the human condition.


He lives in London, is a freelance journalist for the global motorcycle press, takes part in motorcycle rallies, and occasionally does talks about his travels.  


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